Odiham and North Warnborough Bowling Club


Buryfields, Odiham, Hook, Hampshire, RG29 1NE

Established 1985

Joining Us

Why not try Bowls

Bowls is a sport for all age groups, both sexes, able and disabled. People who have never played sport before can often quickly learn to play and enjoy the game. It truly is a sport for all, where men and women can compete on equal terms, so feel free to bring your family and friends.

Getting Started

It's easy to have a go, just turn up to the Club with a pair of flat shoes or trainers and we will organise the rest. We have a range of bowls in different sizes, from junior bowls for young children to the largest sized bowls for adults. If you wish to come along just to watch in the first instance and perhaps discuss what is involved you are very welcome.

How do I Learn to Play?

Our aim is to help you to enjoy learning to play bowls as much as possible and so we offer and recommend some taster sessions with our qualified coaches. Whatever level you wish to reach, from just recreational bowling for fun to competition bowling, help is available.

For Taster sessions/coaching or more information:
E mail: coach@onwbc.org.uk.

How Much does it Cost?

Compared to most sport based activities Bowls represents good value. In your first year of full membership a 50% discount for new members is available, so it will only cost £54 in the first year and we will provide you with a Club shirt. We can advise you on bowls and clothing once you have decided to join.

For further information on the types of membership see the Membership page or contact us on: membership@onwbc.org.uk

When Can I Play?

The outdoor season runs from April until September. The indoor Short Mat season, based in our Clubhouse, runs from October to March. Games and casual "roll-ups" take place during the week in the afternoons and evenings and at weekends in the afternoon. Whether you work or are retired there are plenty of opportunities for you play.

Social Activities

The Club arranges a range of social activities mostly during the winter months typically including for example race/quiz/games nights, skittles, trips. Each year the Club holds a Presentation Dinner at which prizes for the season's competitions are presented to the winners along with musical or other entertainment


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