Odiham and North Warnborough Bowling Club


Buryfields, Odiham, Hook, Hampshire, RG29 1NE

Established 1985

Short Mat

Inside the clubhouse, we have room for 2 short mats, in the winter season (October to April), both short mats are available to play on everyday.

During the winter we have a short mat league that takes place on Mondays and Tuesdays (the Heyhoe Short Mat League). There are 7 teams and the competition consist of 21 matches played over 21 weeks (2 matches per night).

The Heyhoe Short Mat League winners are listed below.

We also have a Short Mat Singles competition. The winners can be found on the Honours Boards page.

We also partcipate in a Thursday League where we field 2 teams against other clubs.

There are also freindly matches against other clubs at the weekends.

Short Mat rollups are on Tuesday afternoon, Wednesday evening and Friday afternoon.


Short Mat League Winners
2024 Champions: Chris Turner, Angie Webster, Dianne Scullion, Andrea Seager, Val Burrage, Eddie Wardle
2024Chris Turner, Angie Webster, Dianne Scullion, Andrea Seager, Val Burrage, Eddie Wardle
2023Paul Webster, John Hemsley, Jenny Alderman, Mick Dixon, John Dunlop, Howard Dale
2022C Turner, D Morgan, P Hayward-Webster, J Dunlop, E Wardle, V Burrage
2020J Hemsley, B Roberts, J Cavanagh, T Hewett, J Clark, G Smith, M Woodage
2019B Roberts, A Webster, P Webster-Hayward, D Woodward, T Hewett, J Clark
2018F Brailey, C Turner, A Webster, B Maynard, P Nightingale
2017D Woodward, C Turner, P Webster, A Webster, S Martin, B White
2016F Brailey, A May, J May, P Chitty, P Webster, Warna
2015F Brailey, A Nayler, B Roberts, R Cannon, A Cannon
2014B Whyborn, E Whyborn, D Morgan, P Chitty, M Dixon
2013M Woodage, D Woodage, T Carter, R Childs, B Roberts
2012E Wardle, C Wardle, R Clinker, C Turner, D Spruce
2011F Brailey, P Snelling, T Crofts, L King, M King, R Rogers, K Rogers
2010L King, M King, D Spruce, J Core, F Brailey, R Rogers
2009A Nayler, P Snelling, C Stock, J Core, T Carter
2008M King, C Stock, J Core, T Carter
2007M King, C Stock, J Core, T Carter
2006M Alexander, M King, C Stock, W Kitney
2005E Heyhoe, M Alexander, W Kitney,C Stock
2004J Matthews, P Matthews, M King, L King
2003C Stock, M Alexander, E Heyhoe, W Kitney
2002D Woodage, F Brailey, T Crofts, L King
2001E Hyhoe, M Alexander, W Kitney, C Stock
2000E Wardle, J Chislet, P Franklin, W Fry
1999A Pratt, A Pratt, K Bowyer, P Bowyer
1998D Gallop, F Brailey, L King, B Maynard
1997A Pratt, T Harris, W Rankin, A Pratt
1996D Poulter, Pop Gallop, P Franklin


Our Short Mats